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Mission Statement

Since 1999, the mission of Pen Homes, Inc. has been to provide support and advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities. Pen Homes strongly believes that the individuals we serve can reside in a least restrictive environment with proper supports and become outstanding members of their community. Maintaining natural supports provides a foundation for our facilitation of an individuals' needs by valuing and respecting personal choice, offering flexible and individualized assistance as well build positive and successful relationships in the community. Our desire is to provide supportive and prepared staff that will respect the choices of individuals with developmental disabilities and assist them in maintaining their culture, heritage, family history and beliefs.

Pen Homes Core principles:


Each person has the ability to make their own choices and decisions in all aspects of their life.

Building Relationships

A circle of support is important to enhance an individual's quality of life. We support and assist all individuals in strengthening their relationships with their families, friends, and neighbors to build a close-knit network of compassion and care.

Community Member

Being an active community member is key in living a balanced and positive lifestyle. Individuals are encouraged to participate and contribute their talents to their community while also utilizing in community resources according to their preference and interest.

Flexible Services & Supports

Each individual is the focus of their person-centered planning. The service plan is customized to reflect their needs, services and desires with a focus on respect, choice, quality of life, abilities and most importantly, health and safety.

We currently serve the cities within the catchment area of Eastern Los Angeles. For details of the Eastern Los Angeles catchment area, please click the button below.